Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

I finished the Squash Baby Hat, using a washable wool yarn.  I love participating in Ginny's Yarn Along, don't you?  I find myself trying harder in excited anticipation of having something new to post.  I also finished the hat I was making for my son; it looks very similar to the baby hat above but doesn't have the alternating 8k8p pattern, as the squash baby hat does and the yarn is a really soft organic cotton yarn.

 It looks SOOOOOO much better on him, doesn't it?

I can't stop looking at his beautiful face :)  We adopted him through foster/adoption and he is just a precious gift.  He looks older than two, doesn't he?  He was so happy to see the finished hat.  And he wore it ALL DAY in his new pre-school.  He attends 3 days a week because both his father and I work full-time.  I am hoping to become a stay-at-home mom sometime in the next 3 years and give Waldorf-inspired home-schooling a try.  That's another reason I find Ginny's blog so inspiring.  I also love Tonya's blog for the same reason.  Both these women blog with such love and grace...(happy sigh...)  Do you have a special blog to share?  I would so love to know about your favs...

I am continuing to crochet my drawer organizer (see last week's Yarn Along post, below) but it's not that interesting to look at yet.  Hopefully next week there will be a more inspiring photo.  Also, I am reading Organized Simplicity and starting a new "Start Fresh Monday" linky list (see previous entry), if you are interested in sharing your thoughts on "fresh starts" each week, I would love to be a part of that.


  1. Great hat! Thanks for coming by Wild Whispers, stop by any time!

  2. great job with the hat! I'm also an adoptive mom. It's such a special blessing, isn't it? Your son is so adorable and yes, he has those old soul eyes!

  3. Beautiful hat--great job! And I'm sure those eyes are impossible to say "no" to. :)