Sunday, July 31, 2011

Start Fresh Monday

From the book "Organized Simplicity" in Chapter 3, the author's FAMILY PURPOSE statement:
As a family, we want to glorify God in all we say, do and are.
We will….
1. Put each other first;
2. Cultivate deep relationships with one another;
3. Extend love to those around us;
4. Live simply;
5. Be true to who God made us;
6. Take care of our health;
7. Be good stewards of creation;
8. Be lifelong learners;

Isn't that lovely? And inspiring! I am eternally optimistic and want to make some changes in my life.  I want to fire up a "Start Fresh Monday" with a linky list to see and share with others ways to be inspired to "start fresh" or "begin anew".  I would love to see your thoughts, inspiration points, read about your challenges and successes in making changes in your life and the life of your family. 

I'm new to blogging so don't have many followers yet. But I am still hoping to get this off the ground, however slowly that happens. I hope you will enjoy participating. I so very much look forward to what you have to share (see my first entry, below), thanks.

I am home, listening to a new album from the thrift store (Progressive Pickin’)…never heard of it but am enjoying it, the piano reminds me of my Grandma “chording” for my Grandpa’s old-time fiddling. Joaquin is playing happily in the playroom with our puppy for company. I am working away at the dining room table and feeling, for a few precious (fleeting?) moments, that all is as it should be. I am on chapter 3 of Organized Simplicity, thinking hard about our family purpose statement. I have been thinking about it on and off for weeks. Really seeing what our intense love of “stuff”, “things”, or “crap” has cost us. Author Tsh Oxenreider points out that “stuff” can:
1. Erode my family’s purpose;
2. Water down the potency of our life choices;
3. Reduce finances and abundance;
4. Cause stress;
5. Prevent us from living life to the fullest;
6. Damage the environment;

In light of what I am working toward, I am bemused by the fact that we just bought an outdoor garden gazebo. Do you find yourself acting in a way that is so at odds with your life goals? I find it stunningly perplexing; especially since I am known for my keen analytical abilities and logical thinking in the business world. Why am I so “out there” in my personal life and personal choices? Logic doesn’t just fly out the window…it zooms to the stratosphere. As I write this, I realize I don’t actually know what a “stratosphere” is?? Wow! An internet search reveals that it is a resort in Las Vegas…Who knew?

Anyhow…Back to the family purpose statement…I am reading samples in the book and wondering how I got so far off course in my life and for so long. Some remnants of some of Jesus’ teachings come to my mind, so I look them up…turns out it’s from Matthew 6, starting with verse 19:

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

I feel sad because I know in my heart my treasures have been God, Jesus, my family and friends, but certainly my actions have shown that I value things and success much more. I am not here to lie to myself. I am here to be honest and confront where I am so I can, hopefully, move toward where I wish to be. I have started down this path so many times before and always, always lose my way. Can I really believe that this will be any different? I do! I have such hope that it will be…I have hopes to be helped and supported by others, perhaps you, dear reader. And also to offer support and help, in return.

Thanks...wishing for you an organized, simple, lovely day!

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