Friday, August 27, 2010

I like this bread

I am surprisingly proud of myself.  For years I have been interested in the raw food way of eating, but was just too intimidated to even begin.  Today, I finished my very first batch of Mango Bread (recipe from the book "Raw Food for Real People") and made really tasty sandwiches by layering No-Bean Hummus (recipe from the book "RAWvolution, Gourmet Living Cruisine"), baby Spinach, Tomato slices (just delievered today by Farm Fresh to You), and thinly sliced Onion.  Prior to trying out raw food, I have never liked sandwiches (just ask my sandwich-loving husband).  But I ate THREE of these babies today!  Even better, our toddler liked them so I feel all warm and lovey-mellow because I'm getting him to like healthy food.  Happy, happy me!