Monday, August 8, 2011

Treasures in the mail

I am so discouraged as I am sick.  Again.  Had a fever today.  Couldn't focus, finally gave up on work for my corporate job and went to bed.  One of our store employees quit unexpectedly so Mark worked all day going to a trade show to scout for new merchandise and then had to work the sales floor from 5 to 11pm.  He's going to be tired tomorrow, but is very excited about the store right now.  Yay! 

Anyway...I had to rouse myself from my sick stupor and get out the door to pick up our son from "boat park" (Joaquin's name for his little daycare).  I opened the front door to leave and there it was!  A box on my doorstep.  I knew immediately whence it came.  I couldn't stop to open it, so had the delicious sense of happy anticipation all through picking my son up and stopping at Trader Joe's to stock up on fresh produce.  Joaquin got his own shopping cart and filled it to the brim with Blueberries, Cantaloupe, a single husk of Corn, Cherries, Broccoli "Trees" (as he calls them), Pasta, a Banana, and some "healthy" version of Cheese Puffs.  I was so delighted to see him make his own choices and see that they were all so healthy.  It seems, amid all the crazy chaos and complete disorganization that is our life right now, we are doing something right.

I am so very much, looking forward to making changes in my life to slow it down.  Simplify.  Let go...  And make it count.  One of my inspirations for getting there is Tonya's lovely blog and it is from her family that I have the pleasure of enjoying my box of treasures in the mail:

We will use the branch holders for our nature table. 
The buttons will go on a sweater I will knit for Joaquin.
Tonya included a kind note so it was like getting a gift from a friend.  I love that!
We also chose a set of building blocks for Joaquin.
My favorite shot! 
I realized, quite suddenly, that I could focus on how frustrating it is to be sick again.  Or I could thank God for my many blessings.  I chose the latter and my day, and my heart, feel so much better. 

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