Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Fair to Remember

Weekend before last, I went to a little street fair.  One of my favorite blogs is Oh the Cuteness! and Chase had mentioned she would be there.  The location was just a couple of blocks from my candy store, so I thought it would be really fun to stop by.  And it was!  I had my toddler with me, so couldn't really chat easily with everyone or take as much time as I wanted, but he was very well behaved for a two-year old and I found some lovely things:
Joaquin chose this cute zipper pouch because it had a GARBAGE TRUCK on it!!!
And CARS inside!
 It was made by .retool.  "cool vegan stuff".

I really wanted one of Chase's owls, so I let Joaquin pick the one we would bring home:
Too cute, no?
I also found this vintage purse...what is it about blue purses?

from Beholden Vintage & Resale.  Joaquin used it as "his" purse for the rest of the day.  So idea that this could be fodder for teasing by other kids.

It was a very charming day...I found two t-shirts at the fair for my son, Ian.  He's 23 and likes to wear shirts with funny captions.  I thought this was a hilarious choice to give to my meat-eating son from his vegetarian, candy-store owning Mama:
They were made by a North Beach local, based on a quote he said to a bartender. 

Last year I bought Ian a shirt that said "Meat is MURDER" and then in tiny letters below "tasty, tasty murder".  He loves it because, besides being funny, if any vegetarians give him grief about it, he has an easy explanation of "My mom's a vegetarian and it was gift from her." 

I also found this one:

My son likes ninja's and I used to call him "Fat Boy" when he was a teenager because he was so skinny.  I was an obnoxious mother, I hope Ian forgives me.  He is coming up from southern CA at the end of this month for a visit.  We have a great time playing "The Settlers of Catan", although we call it "Siedler" because we learned to play from our German friend, Almut, and her lovely family.   Ian is teaching me to play chess, so we have some fun one-on-one time with that.  Joaquin loves his big brother.  Plus, my husband likes eat meat and I won't cook it and he doesn't like to cook--but Ian does!  So they usually enjoy a couple of nice steaks together.  Plus, Ian will usually babysit one night while he's here, so Mark and I can have a night out together.  Everybody is happy when Ian comes to town!!


  1. Enjoy your visit from your big boy. I miss my older son too, but we are visiting him next week. he would love the fat ninja tee. My 4 year old son has a purse - with an owl on it :) That owl you have is just the cutest thing.

  2. Hooray... Jacob and I distinctly remember Joaquin walking over the picking up the trucks & cars case. The look on his face made our day. In the intervening time I've told the story of "the adorable little boy who likes garbage trucks" to multiple friends! Thank you for the mention on your blog and for buying one of our cases. -Jamye (1/2 of .retool.)