Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mellow Sunday

I am supposed to be resting...resting...resting.  No riding this weekend for me.  Lungs still hurt.  Still tired.  Still coughing.   Still getting woozy if I do much of anything. Ugh.  Mark is working hard at the store today.  Staying home with a toddler is great for a few hours.  But then...he gets restless...which quickly turns to naughty.  So it was more "restful" for me to drive him over to Tilden Park to the little farm. 

Quack!  Quack!
Everybody poops!
Prince Joaquin feeds a goat.
...and pets the goat.
Checkin' out the sheep.
He loves to wear that crown, even though he doesn't know what a "crown" is, yet.
Piglets...born on August 4th
Earnestly talking to a cow...
Riding the carousel
View from the, huh?
Posing at the Zebra Car
(notice the tail...)

Fearless!  He climbs up there all by himself.
The big bonus for Mama?  He falls asleep on the drive home.  And is still napping.  Aaaaaaaaaaaah!

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  1. I can't believe how big he is! oh how I miss that boy. Keep up the good work with the healthy eating. I know how hard it can be. We're doing a month of no meat right now and it's so easy not to eat it but so hard to come up with meals that don't involve it and don't end me up in a food rut. -Joscelyn (my blog is and I've been doing meal plan mondays to keep myself accountable)