Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last of the falling leaves

Photos from our backyard...enjoying the last of the falling leaves...

  We live with a levee in our front yard and the rain has made it beautiful.  We aren't allowed to plant anything on the levee, so it's often a bleak view.  But now, after the rain, it's so green and pretty.  The last leaves on the trees and grapevines are so beautiful and somehow wistful.  I feel strengthened by the assurance of the changing seasons.  I love the changing view from our back door window...oddly, it's the best view available in the house.

If you can, please pray for Katherine.  The writer of this blog teaches me so much about faith.  I can't get my mind around how strong and true she is.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yarn Along 12/12/12

Joining Ginny's lovely blog today...

My son, Ian, visited recently and suggested that I knit him something for Christmas this year.  I enjoyed showing him the Ravelry site and looking for fun and quirky patterns.  One of the patterns he selected was the Jayne hat, inspired by the Firefly series.  As a beginner knitter, I find it liberating to create a hat where imperfections are celebrated, if not required (smile).  It's my first time knitting double-stranded, which I thought would be challenging but was actually nice and easy.  Next up is adding the bright red ear flaps and then the pom pom.

Joaquin loves to pretend he's a firefighter and he enjoys wearing hats made by "Mama" when it's cold so I have high hopes that he will love this hat.  I wasn't familiar with the FPdc stitch, so enjoyed/hated learning a new stitch.  Took a few tries to figure it out, but it's coming along now--thank goodness for YouTube and the giving souls who post videos on how to knit/crochet!  Should be done in time for Christmas.

I am reading Soul Surfer and so far it's a quick, easy read.  Bethany is sweet and tough, an endearing combination.  I feel discomfort when I read of the accident details because I feel a squeamish sort of pleasure due to a creepy sense of curiosity of horrific events.  I don't like that about myself, I guess it's just part of being human.  The peek into Bethany's reality is uplifting; she is very matter-of-fact about her faith, which I admire.

I do enjoy reading through the links on Ginny's Yarn Along and seeing all the inspiring projects.  Hope you join in!

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