Monday, August 22, 2011

Healthy Food...ALL DAY LONG!

I did it!  I actually ate nothing but healthy, fresh food all day long.  Must take a moment to celebrate! 

I took the last of the leftover spicy lentils and slaw that I had made for tacos and turned them into a nice soup for breakfast by just adding some water and tomato paste and heating it up.  Yum!  I don't like most traditional breakfast foods, so soup is my favorite type of breakfast.  Mid-morning, I ate carrots with garlic hummus from Trader Joe's. Then I ate an apple.  By lunch-time, I really just wanted to heat up some frozen food.  I looked in the freezer and saw a frozen entree of pasta and broccoli and thought to myself "I don't want all that SALT in my body."  I must say, that was a surprising and proud moment.  So instead, I quickly cooked some onions and fresh spinach and then scrambled some eggs into the mix with lots of black pepper.  Yeah, I did notice that I eat soup for breakfast and eggs for lunch.  That's just the way I roll.  snicker...snort!

Mid-afternoon, I was still hungry so I whipped up a huge Kale salad with lemon juice and avocado.  It really did only take 5 minutes!  I learned how to juice a lemon using just a fork--less clean-up required than using a citrus juicer.  Score!  By the time I picked up Joaquin from pre-school, I was pooped.  So I sat down with him and we ate lots of cherries and some grapes.  By then, I felt rested enough to start on some dinner.  I made stir-fried brown and wild rice with fresh orange juice and zest, broccoli, green beans and carrots--all organic from the farmer's market in Orinda.  It didn't taste all that great as I am still fine-tuning that recipe, but it was OK and very colorful.  I made coleslaw with a lemon vinaigrette, using sliced green and red cabbage and grated carrots.  The freshness and tenderness of the farmer's market cabbage was amazing! 

And then I had a glass of red wine, much needed after a long day at work and then dealing with my very demanding toddler.  He is such a fiery little guy.  So full of mischief...he boggles my mind sometimes.  Now, I am so tired...I hope, hope, hope this healthy eating along with a lot of rest will help me get my energy back and allow my lungs to heal.  I really don't think I spent any more time preparing the healthy food than I spend on eating the un-healthy junk that I ate in the past.  That's right, Kerri!  IN THE PAST!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better very soon kerri. I think you must have eaten a rainbow today :)