Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Knitting is a newly acquired skill for me and I am still amazed and so very pleased with myself when I finish knitting anything.  I feel like a proud kindergartner holding up my finger painting.  Even if I'm by myself when I finish, I just keep smiling and feel like clapping for myself!  My stitches are still uneven but I kind of like that as everything really has that homey look to it.  This is a hat for my son, Joaquin.  He's 2 and everytime he see's me knitting he asks "knitting blanket?".  So he was really happy to learn that I was knitting a hat for him and is always eager to "try it on" as it progresses. I love the softness of this yarn.  The pattern is from "60 Quick Baby Knits" but I am altering the top of the hat to look like this.  I still have a lot of problems dropping stiches when working with the dp needles, but then am ridiculously proud of myself when I can fix it.  It used to be a complete mystery to me.  My friend, Almut, who taught me to knit would just look at my mistake and go "oh you just ..." and then quickly fix it and I would sit there and wonder "how can she possibly tell what is going on with those stitches?"  They just looked like this really mysterious jumble.  But now I can see the stitches and see the difference between a purl and a knit stitch!  It's such a little joyful feeling to gain a new skill.  And when I finish a project, all the little frustrations and struggles are forgotten in the pleasure of finishing and the full feeling of accomplishment. 

The book I am reading, "The Life Organizer" is part of my little project to try to get more organized and  purposeful and spend my very precious time on what really matters.  That is such a challenge for me, and as the days go by it has really sunk in that my body, my skin and bones, won't always be alive in this world.  And I find living to be such a gift.  I want to make the most of it and milk the joy and love out of every little bit.

I forgot to mention the lovely Yarn Along from this really, truly, lovely blog.


  1. Love the hat. It looks soft and the wool looks good quality. Sounds like the knitting will help with the rhythm of organising your life too. It helped me.

  2. I know just how you feel about knitting - I learned recently too - but trust me it gets way easier! You are very brave to dive right into knitting in the round, I had to work up some courage for the dpns lol. If you make it to the fair on Sunday please say hello, I adore your chocolate shop which I ride by every day on the bus!