Thursday, April 28, 2011

Learning to simplify with abundance

When my oldest son, now age 23, was the age of my youngest son, now age 2 1/2, (not a type-o, they are more than 20 years apart) I created elaborate Easter baskets for him each year.  When I shopped for him, I always wanted to, somehow, be able to buy him MORE.  He doesn't remember those Easter baskets and I just remember being stressed about pulling it all together and how it somehow looked like lots of stuff, but not very personal.  And how much love went into it.  Throughout the year, I was always on the lookout for great stuff for his basket. 

For my dear little one, now, I want to do special things that are simpler, hand-made, and somehow...richer.  I started by crocheting eggs, with little chicks, but then realized he doesn't know what eggs are yet, since we don't eat them all that often at home and it wouldn't mean that much to him.  Note to self--teach him about eggs and where they come from! 
I had purchased a darling knit bunny pattern book, but didn't have time enough to make them.  I first saw the bunnies on Alicia Paulson's lovely blog Posie Gets Cozy.  Luckily, the book with the knitted bunnies (see Ravelry project) also had a cute little chicken pattern--and he DOES know what chickens are!  I also wanted to grow my own wheatgrassnn for his basket, but that didn't work out either, so I just bought some and stuffed it into his basket.  Next year, I'll try again on the home-grown, but I was very happy with the results.

He likes the chickens, but was even more thrilled with the chocolate eggs.  Of which I ate some when he was napping.  Yes, I am a bad person.  I know that.  But he doesn't.  Yet. 

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  1. Oh those hens are pretty sweet! I have begun knitting a farmyard with a barn, house, animals, and a family. Such fun...and those hens of yours remind me to get cracking on some more animals. Love them and your simplified abundance.
    xo Jules