Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trains and new plans for 2012

We often go out for breakfast.  A habit we are giving up in preparation for our new lifestyle of frugal, but rich living.  Joaquin loves trains so to keep him amused while we wait for our breakfast, we draw train tracks and a round house on the back of his placemat:

All engines safely asleep in the round house...
We're embarking on a new adventure as a family and will no longer be indulging in many breakfasts in restaurants.  We've decided to move back to my hometown of Clarksburg and get licensed once again in Yolo County as foster parents, hoping to adopt again.  So our plan is for me to stop working when my contract ends in early April.  Plant a huge garden, get a couple of chickens and try to make the store pay for all of our living expenses.   It's through the experiences shared on blogs such as Tonya's, that I feel hopeful and encouraged enough to try this.  Seems like I have wanted financial security my whole life and have never had the discipline to achieve it.  So this is scary but I believe the chance to align daily living with values will be the impetus to make this successful.  Perhaps we will fail, but I can't stop myself from wanting to try. 

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