Friday, October 26, 2012

My Candy Man

Joining Tami, Linda, Petals to Picot, and Wisdom Begins in Wonder today...I saw this crochet pattern on Ravelry and just had to make it for my husband to wear to work in our candy shop.  "Dress for success!" is my motto.  OK, maybe not; but it is funny.  I thought the hat would be just perfect for adding charm, wackiness, and entertainment for our customers.  Plus, make my husband's day at work more fun.  What do you think?

He just phoned to say that he got a LOT of weird looks and stares when he stopped for coffee on the way into work.  I guess wearing it out of context of the candy store would make him appear to be a bit loony.  And he is.  One of the things I love, love, love about him.

I smile at the last photo because one of our goats, Mocha, decided to join in the photo shoot and you can see the barn next to our home in the background.  For a "city boy" who lived in North Beach (where our candy store is located) for more than 10 years and is a graduate of SFAI, our moving to a farm was a big change.  I love that Mark is open to trying almost anything and he's really starting to love our life here in the country.  Granted, he gets regular "doses" of city life by working in the candy store, but living here is still a huge change.  One I am happy to say he is embracing.  What a sweetie (pun intended...)


  1. Oh how funny... my Hubba grew up in San Francisco as well.

    He has embraced the farm life too, but thought I had gone crazy when I first suggested it. ;-)

    I love that hat and the fact that you have a candy store makes it even better.

  2. I LOVE the hat and him wearing it with the t-shirt is perfect! I love that he is wearing it out and about too. People will stare because they are so trained to not be creative. It amazes me, who is totally traditional, to see people give me a second look when I wear a new creation that is slightly not traditional.

    Your goat is adorable. I love our goats...they are like little dogs.

  3. This post made me smile. Love the hat (especially in combo with the shirt) - so perfect for a candy store!

    I also love goats, which increased my liking of this post! I dream of having goats one day (as well as alpacas). Are your goats just pets or do you use them for milk or other things?

    1. They are just a year old (twins) so we haven't bred them yet but are planning to and then will use them for milk and making goat cheese and goat milk soap. That's the plan but I have no experience in doing any of that. So it will be and adventure!