Monday, October 29, 2012

A simple birthday

Bean Bags for the party gifts
Party baskets for gathering pinata booty
(the tags have each child's name printed on the backside)
Stuffing the PINATA!
Balloon discourse
Joaquin spies Mater on the gift bag!
The joy of opening presents!
Good friends...
I wanted a simple birthday party for Joaquin.  One that was about the fun of having dear friend's over to play and celebrate.  Since he was turning 4, we decided on having 4 guests.  After reading, over and over again, the library book "Hurray! A Pinata", Joaquin really wanted a pinata for his birthday party.  He had so much fun choosing the right pinata and then stuffing it full of candy with his Papa.  Mark insisted on LOTS of candy because we had to make a good showing, being candy store owners.  I think the parents of the guests may have been a bit dismayed at the volume--but Mark and Joaquin were well pleased.  I made bean bags sets for party gifts for each of his friends.  We played a party game where they were hidden in the grass (like Easter eggs) and each child could find 4 to keep and then help other kids find theirs.  We had balloons and a simple cake.   It was a sweet, simple, warm and lovely day.

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