Monday, April 30, 2012

To Beet or Not To Beet

We are blessed with a rose bush at our new home that is nearly 100 years old.  I have been filling vases all over the house, and the scent is sublime. Mark took this lovely photo for me when the light was just perfect.  My son, Ian, made the basket when he was in high-school.  I think he still grumbles about having to learn basket weaving as part of the core curriculum (perils of a Waldorf education)--but I absolutely LOVE it!

I also love salad!  I especially love salad with julienne'd carrots, zucchini, and/or daikon radish.  I don't know what it is about  julienne-ing that just makes any raw vegetable taste better.  A lot better!  Making those little matchsticks with a knife and cutting board can only be accomplished when I am desperate for a favorite salad.  Without the desperation factor--it's just too much work to be bothered with...until now!  I researched the least expensive but well-rated mandolin slicer and ordered it.  It arrived to much excitement  on my part along with some feelings of intimidation.  I struggle sometimes to figure out how to use new gadgets.   It's from a German company with very cryptic instructions, so at first I couldn't figure it out.  Youtube videos are so fabulous for this sort of thing, aren't they?  Once I got the hang of it, it was a beautiful thing.  So quick!  So lovely.  Yes!!

I wanted to try a RAW beet salad as I have read that they are very helpful for liver support.  I love cooked beets in arugula salad with pistachios and goat cheese.  But raw beets?  Sounds a tad...well...gross.  Turns out, they are so NOT gross--they are delicious and don't really taste like cooked beets at all.  So if you think you don't like beets, I say "try them raw and julienne'd!"  You just might be lucky and find a new flavor to love that happens to love your liver. (smile)

I found the recipe for the beet salad (first photo) in my new book.  Interesting reading and some great, easy recipes.  But when I read through the recipe for the beet salad, I wasn't too sure.  Cucumbers, basil, carrots, apple, beets and spinach.  Huh? That does seem like a strange brew, no?  The results were so.....YUMMY!  I think I hear my liver singing...

Did you notice the rose petals in the beet salad photo?

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  1. That beet salad looks to die for---I'd never have thought of the zucchini (I did carrot-and-beet salads all summer last year, year, yum), and now I can't wait to try it. And hooray for mandolines! I sometimes use my food processor's grater-ish setting, but cleaning up the beet juice in the processor is sometimes more work than just cutting the beets by hand!