Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Knit, Crochet, Reading...and kindness...

Joining Ginny today.  I knitted a simple wash cloth (just a square that was all garter stitch) and then crocheted this scrubbie type wash cloth for my husband.

My husband really likes them both.  He is always so encouraging and appreciative of my creative efforts.  He says it's because he's an art school graduate, but I know it's really because he is kind.  I appreciate his kindness and his fun sense of humor so much.  Here's a sample of his humor:

Setting:  A busy breakfast restaurant where a TV is mounted directly over my head.  He keeps glancing up while we are talking, so I give him "the look".

Hubby:  I'm just watching that game, you know, the one with the funny shaped ball.  (This is a reference to the fact that he knows nothing about sports and likes it that way.)

Me:  Soccer?

Hubby:  No, football.  Soccer doesn't have funny shaped balls.

Me:  Yes they do!  They have all those weird hexagons all over them so they look round, but close up they really aren't.

Hubby:  Oh, yeah.  I forgot about that...(deadpan) I love talking sports with you.

I am reading Nick Hornsby's "Juliet, Naked".  I rarely read novels, and I am really enjoying it.  I love how honest his characters' inner dialogues are.  And there is always a very subtle thread of kindness that runs through his books, which I love.  This is one of my favorite songs because I love the lyrics (particularly the line "in the end, only kindness matters") and it makes me think of Ginny and her blog.  We've never met, or even spoken--I only "know" her through her blog, which I love reading.

I want to be more kind.  I have been reading the book of John again to try to connect more with Jesus.  People were amazed by him and loved being with him.  I know that kindness would have been such a strong presence. I am counting on him to be kind with me.

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  1. what a cute scrubbie! funny dialog - must be a hoot living with someone like that!
    Blessings for a Happy New Year