Friday, July 4, 2014

Days 94 and 93...counting down from 100

Two days of travel to San Francisco:

On Day 94, I ate:
1 banana
1 cup of fruit from Starbucks
1 green drink from Starbucks
1 mixed salad with some kale, lettuce, seaweed, tomatoes and avocado
1 cup coffee
1 arugula and pear salad with balsamic dressing from Cinecitta in North Beach
1 small package of freeze dried fruit from Starbucks

No exercise

On Day 93 I ate:
Green grapes
Green Juice from the Plant
Beet Juice from the Plant
Raw Brownie with Mango and Vanilla Cashew Cream
Green Berry Smoothie from the Plant
Mixed green salad with roasted veggies and parmesean cheese (not fully raw or vegan)
Roasted, salted pistachios (not raw)

No exercise

I didn't feel very good either day so wasn't able to exercise this morning.  Will definitely do some jogging tomorrow.

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