Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 99...counting down from 100

So my 2nd day of my 100-days on the raw food diet.  Today, I ate a lot of the same things from yesterday (for links, see yesterday's post) due to left-over salads.

Beet Juice - beets, orange, spinach and carrot

Green Juice - beet tops, wild spinach, parsley, lemon, apple, ginger (I wish I had remembered to put celery in)

Mojito Green Smoothie

Beet Salad

Cranberry-Almond Carrot Salad


A few cherries

Celery-Avocado Salad - based off of this recipe but added salt, pineapple, mint, lemon and hot sauce.  Yum!

My energy was a bit off today but I think that's because I had a rough night of sleep.  I wanted my wrist brace to dry out after swimming so I didn't wear it to bed and then the pain from my sprained wrist kept waking me up.  Maybe I need to get a 2nd brace so once can be drying while I wear the other.  I broke out in hives again today but not as bad.  Mostly on my hands, so not sure what that is about.  Given that the hives started BEFORE I switched to raw foods, it can't be the change in diet.

It's funny how many times each day the voice of temptation pops into my head.  I'm very tuned into that now because I'm trying to see what drives it.  In the afternoon, it is definitely me seeking some comfort from my challenging job.  If I watch TV, (today I watched Chopped, my fav) I find that I am conditioned to want a snack.  I am kinda treating this like a little science experiment where I'm observing and noting.

I forgot to mention that I the 30-minute "Couch to 5K-Week 5" today which has 24 minutes of jogging with the rest walking.

98 days to go!

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